Bespoke Ritual - Element Water

Bespoke Ritual - Element Water


Water: Relationships, Healing, Physic Abilities, Love, Discovery

Learn how the Element of Water can support your manifesting process by incorporating aligned crystals, goddesses, candles, herbs and oils, creating practical and personal rituals that you can implement into your own environment, creating sacred space and personal empowerment.

Through this ritual setting process there is an opportunity to bring a powerful energy to your intentions, connecting deeply with your highest power and awakening your inner magic along the way!

A magical and creative way to yield results for those wanting to achieve their goals and desires.

Each PDF includes:   

  • Specific energies and attributes that element attunes to 

  • Candle correspondence 

  • Starsigns & Sunsigns 

  • Crystals 

  • Tarot - Specific major and minor acana cards

  • Tools, herbs, oils, goddess to support & enhance your ritual 

  • Moon phases and meanings

  • Instructions on preparing your space for your ritual, including an invocation.

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