There is a lot of misconception around tarot.

I would like to take this opportunity to declare how tarot cards align for me.


Tarot is a tool for soul searchers and seekers.

Tarot cards are traditionally made up of 78 cards, 22 Major, and 56 Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana cards provide insight into our soul lessons, our master lessons in this lifetime. With the Minor Arcana representing situations, environments and events that take place.

There are no ‘sinister’ cards in the tarot. We are led to think that Cards like ‘Death’ (as an example) depicts a passing of someone - but in actuality the Death card provides a message that it is time to release and die to parts of ourselves that are no longer serving us, we must let go of outdated thought patterns in order to evolve and transform into the best versions of ourselves. i.e. Rebirth.


Tarot cards are a reflection of our soul.

Connecting to our inner knowing through tarot is a powerful tool in strengthening our intuition. Therefore providing more clarity in order to make the best decisions, learn our soul lessons and move forward feeling empowered.

Through using specific tarot layouts (spreads) you are able to gain insights into your past, present and current thoughts, patterns, environments and behaviours more objectively.

Giving you the ability to understand and see your potential outcomes as a result.

As we connect with the cards and set our intentions for the reading we are declaring to our higher self that we are prepared and open to receive messages from within and from the universe, god, source energy, divine love - whatever you wish to call ‘it’.


Tarot forges a bridge between the conscious awareness and our deep-seated soul truths, our inner guidance.