‘If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path’ - Buddha

1:1 I N T U I T I V E R E A D I N G & G U I D A N C E

Intuitive readings are a sacred way to connect in with your higher consciousness, to gain insight and clarity into your souls truth and strengthen your own intuition and inner knowing.

It is a time to reflect, heal and learn from your past experiences.


I work with Tarot and Oracle cards as a form of language from our higher self-providing clarity, confirmation and guidance. The most powerful sources of information and guidance come from within, Tarot aids in tuning into ones’ higher self and inner guidance.

(You can read more about tarot cards under resources)

Our chosen deck will be shuffled and held by you while we unpack your questions as the cards arrange themselves in partnership with your inner wisdom and guidance.


Prior to our session, you can send through any questions you have via the email attached to your booking.

By tapping into different dimensions of consciousness I may receive downloads or visions on the questions and matters you have sent through.

During the session I will share any insights that have come through, then we will set our intentions as I guide us through a short meditation.

I will provide some basic info around the Tarot prior to the reading the spread for you, followed by any questions you may have


My goal is to help you feel empowered to make informed decisions and to come away feeling inspired with a strong sense of self.

I conduct readings at my home in Riverhead, Auckland and via Skype.

Sessions take up to 1.5 hours


Please refer to my calendar to make a booking.