Emily Raftery

It was relaxing as soon as I walked through the door, there was a lovely energy in your home and it felt like a safe and comfortable place. You have a beautiful calming nature, and your feminine side comes out in the nurturing, loving and caring sense and you can tell you really enjoy doing what you are doing as well.

It is a lovely feeling of mutual achievement when working with you, it really feels like you are getting as much out of the reading as me as we move through the cards together, and I’m so grateful for the lessons and guidance I gained from our session.


Bree Nicholls

I didn’t have any expectations before arriving, so it was both surprising and really clarifying to receive such clear answers to the questions I had. I left feeling assured in my plans for the future and that I have so much love around me. I felt very comfortable, relaxed and looked after.


Suzanne Hale

When we first started the reading I was quite nervous and anxious, but as the reading progressed I started to relax and felt quite enlightened. There were still moments where I would get nervous again as there are truths to the cards that can be quite forthcoming. I really enjoyed the reading and really felt a connection with the cards and look forward to getting another reading in the future to see how circumstances have changed.

I'm taking away a new found confidence and optimism, which is awesome! Who doesn't want that!


Philippa Hayward

It was a really lovely experience especially since I had never had a reading before and I didn’t know much about it.

I don’t have anything to compare it with but my first experience was beautiful and calm, fun and insightful.

I’ve taken away positivity, and I feel affirmed in my decision for change.

It was a life changing experience for me and something I will continue to reflect back on throughout my life. I feel that I gained insight on my life and on myself that I never would have otherwise and I am so grateful!


Evita Groet-Pairama

It was an amazing experience being a part of the intuitive reading. From the beginning, being made to feel comfortable in your home to the reading, it was all very positive. I felt that the way you allowed me to relax, and how you guided me through the whole experience was very special.

I not only got the answers I was looking for, I gained a much deeper understanding of myself thanks to you. 

The first thing I noticed after I had settled from the reading was that I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was able to self reflect in a deeper way than I ever have and that is something I am able to continue to do now. I was able to take away closure, understanding and a deeper sense of self. Not only that, but you provided me with tools that help me on a daily basis.


Sheryl Dunlop

I liked that you explained everything to me before starting and it all clicked into place as we went along, it really put me at ease. The space had very good energy.

I came away from the experience feeling overwhelmingly positive, with a lot to think about and focus on. You also encouraged me to do something actionable which was writing, this was also coming through strongly in the cards but it was awesome that you had shared this insight with me prior to the tarot reading.


Rachel Campbell

It was amazing working with you. You provide a beautiful, positive, and comfortable space. You gave some background to tarot and explained each card and meaning really well and gave lots of opportunities for me to ask questions and clarify meanings.

I felt so positive after the reading and comforted that I was on the right path. You gave me some insight on different decks and ways to tap into my inner magic and get connected. I am excited to continue and grow on my spiritual journey.