‘A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create nurture and transform’ - Diane Mariechild


Women Empowering Women

Something powerful happens when women come together to create sacred space!

There is a powerful ripple effect on the women who participate in these gatherings, that echoes through their lives in a profoundly positive way.


Being part of a Sacred Circle is to allow your self space and time to journey within.

It is an opportunity to tune into our deep and wise knowing.

To hear and be heard in an inclusive, safe and non-judgmental environment.

To meet and connect with woman and honour the power, insight and wisdom we all contribute.

You are welcome to sit and just be. You are not required to do anything but show up.


These Circles are for you if….

You relate to and wish to align with the goddess and divine feminine energies

You enjoy meeting inspiring women

Have a yearning to connect more deeply with yourself

Want to carve out time to nourish your soul

Like listening to pretty music and being surrounding by crystals, herbs and lush scents

Are interested in learning more about yourself and contribution in the world

You Like relaxing and magical environments


I am on a mission to bring women together in an empowering, sacred, magical and uplifting way!

To create a sacred space where we can discuss and reflect on soulful subjects that leave us feeling nourished and inspired.

Deep healing and transformation can happen when a person is seen and held with love by others navigating through the soulful topic of the day.



It is a scheduled time for you to sit and just be in an uplifting and sacred space

It is a space for you to share your stories, experiences, concerns, goals and visions

An opportunity to meet inspiring, like minded, wise women

To learn to tap into your inner magic, your goddess energy, your divine feminine and rise up!

To embrace the power and inclusiveness of sisterhood


What can you expect:

A space that has been cleansed, that is nurturing, non judgemental, safe and ready to welcome you.

A comfortable cushion or seat for the duration of the circle.

Sometimes there is an opportunity to create a flower mandala or participate in a crystal healing ritual.

An outline of how the space will run and what will be included, this will usually involve an invocation or prayer, guided meditation, and discussion on the chosen theme.

The floor is opened up for everyone who wishes to share their truths, perspectives, insights and feelings.

We often have guest contributors, Sound bowls healings, tea ceremonies or a special ritual.

All will be outlined in both the calendar notes and the email you receive prior to the Sacred Circle event.


What you need to bring:

An open heart and an open mind

Anything extra will be added into the email


We look forward to having your divine energy be apart of our sacred space

Please refer to my calendar to see up coming Sacred Circles and to book online


If you have any questions or are interested in being a guest speaker at one of the Sacred Circles then please don't hesitate to get in contact via