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Individual workshops embodying each of the 4 elements, where you will learn to infuse your intentions with potent energy by tying in ancient wisdom with modern day teachings.


Abundance, Knowledge, Wisdom, Growth, Grounding


Intuition, Communication, Travel, Spirituality, Harmony


Passion, Creativity, Expansion, Motivation, Release


Relationships, Healing, Physic Abilities, Love, Discovery


Learn how each Element can support your manifesting process by incorporating aligned crystals, goddesses, candles, herbs and oils, creating practical and personal rituals that you can implement in your own sacred space. 


Through this ritual setting process there is an opportunity to bring a powerful energy to your intentions, connecting deeply with your highest power and awakening your inner magic along the way!

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION (The New Thought philosophy)

Simply put, what we project out to the universe is what we attract back into our lives. This works universally across all aspects of our life. We attract whatever we desire… or expect. 

We ourselves are made from pure energy as are our thoughts, so through the process of like energy attracting like energy, a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships.  

The teachings involve reframing and replacing negative, limiting or self-destructive thoughts with more empowered, adaptive and positive thoughts.  This can be carried out through creative visualisations, affirmations and in my teachings…bespoke rituals. 


RITUAL & SPELL WORK (Ancient wisdom)

Rituals are a ceremony carried out by a series of actions and activities, where intentions are towards achieving a specific goal. 

A spell is a spoken, written and or practical formula that when used with genuine intention, gives power to and influences events and outcomes.  

Rituals and spell work are both limitless in their purpose but the work that we will be focussing on will be aligned with blessings such as healing, love, abundance and protection.   

We will be incorporating candles, sacred herbs, crystals, divination (tarot & oracle - please see resources for more information) and elemental tools along side working with certain Goddesses, Gods and Deities to create a beautiful blessing to support you on your journey to manifesting your dreams.



We will meet in circle to bring light to our desires and goals, consciously raising our vibrations to meet our intentions, and share in a supportive, safe and nurturing environment. 

Each element embodies different attributes and energies, so each Element will present different opportunities to align our intentions.

An opportunity to tap into your inner knowing through guided meditations and visualisations.  Deepening your understanding and connection with your highest truth with an opportunity to journal and take note of what arises.  This process will help you to align with your hearts desires.

I will guide you through your bespoke ritual as we acknowledge and give power to your intentions.  

Candles, herbs, crystals and other magical tools will be provided, any other requirements will be outlined in your confirmation booking.  

Through harnessing elemental energy and bringing light to your desires we will create a bespoke ritual to support you in achieving your goals.

You will receive a printed version of the PDF for each Elemental Circle you attend to support and guide your bespoke ritual. 

There will also be take home treasures :)

Please refer to my calendar tab for bookings.


Although it is beneficial to have an understanding of each element and the unique ways in which they can support your journey, I understand that it may not be possible to attend all 4 circles. 

To assist your understanding across all 4 elements, I have created a beautiful PDF version for each element, outlining their energies and attributes.  These can be downloaded via the ‘Shop’ tab.