‘It is your passion that empowers you to be able to do the thing you were created to do’ - T.D. Jakes


Here's a little about my story, and how I have come to find myself working in the realm of the lightworkers.


For the longest time, I have felt a pull, a yearning, a knowing that I was to do something more with my life. 

I have always wanted to work with and support woman in some capacity and it was through the unveiling of my true authentic self, that I have been able to heed my soul’s calling.


There is both a global and individual shift happening right now...

You too may be feeling the familiar pull, the desire to 'go back home', to understand more clearly your purpose and souls work. 

I believe that my journey and experiences have been preparing me to be of assistance, to guide, facilitate and contribute in this world.  


My experiences through depression and anxiety have birthed courage and vulnerability as I confronted, explored, unpacked, and healed parts of myself that were harboring trauma, pain and grief. 

At a very young age I made the decision to be accountable (whether that was subconscious at the time or not).  Eventually I decided I wanted more for myself,  I was ready to be the best version of me, to step into the role I have been destined to carry out. 

The journey is REAL.  And is constant! 


Therapists, spiritual mentors and healers have been key in the evolution of me.  And through self-awareness, meditation, exploration and love I have found a profound understanding of soul, of self, of reality.  

I have experienced insights into our soul relationship through doing work with some incredible lightworkers. 

Understanding this relationship has been an absolute game changer for me.  And I know that I have a message and the ability to provide insight and hold space for you to do the same.


I have always been drawn to ancient wisdom and have studied and completed papers and courses in crystal healing, tarot and meditation.  Tools that have aided in my journey to self discovery and healing.  

The intensive work of reflection and healing has been a form of study in itself. I have gained insight through these methods and hope to share my knowledge and wisdom with you.  

Understanding the connection and relationship we have with ourselves is a gift and through that relationship, magic is born.